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About Eastthorpe Hall

Just Be

A magical retreat where time stands still and the senses are moved.

There is nowhere quite like this … The first spa of its kind to offer an unsurpassed wellbeing experience in an intimate, boutique-style. Award-winning and unique.

We’ve stopped our clocks and banished mobile phones. Our therapists guide you through your personalised wellness schedule to let you clear your mind, relax and just be.

Tranquility is achieved by stimulating every sense. From the carefully blended aromatherapy scents that surround you, to the delicious and nutritious menus served by our in-house chef. A homely environment where we bestow exquisite treatments and individual care.

Our place is your place

No crowds or rushing, no hustle or bustle. Such near-solitude truly is blissful.

We cater for a maximum of 20 guests at any given time, and we never over-book. In fact; at times it is possible to experience a feeling of near-solitude within Eastthorpe and our regular clients describe us as their secret escape.

Family run with impeccable taste and utterly client-focused; our sole purpose is to nurture your wellbeing - body, mind and spirit; with exquisite, personalised half and full day spa packages; and single-treatments for Wellness Ritualists who return to us time and time again.

A Truly Holistic Wellness Experience

It’s all about you: a personalised touch that respects your every need.

We pride ourselves in giving you our individual attention to achieve a totally personalised service.

Every detail is about you, from mixing a bespoke blend of essential oils to soothe your body and rest your mind to recommending the most appropriate treatments for long-lasting therapeutic benefits.

Retreat, Rest, Reflect, Revive

A restful today makes for a stronger tomorrow.

Half and full day spa guests have access to all areas of the spa including our relaxation room and lounges.

Whether you want to chill out and chat or meditate in peaceful quiet; these rooms are designed for whatever type of rest, reflection and revival you crave.

Wherever you choose to put your feet up and relax, we’ll give you a gentle wake-up call when it’s time for your next treatment.


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23 Huddersfield Road
West Yorkshire
WF14 8AE

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