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Reiki healing & Aromatherapy

Reiki healing & Aromatherapy with Katie Brook

Level 2 Reiki Practitioner

Katie joins the Eastthorpe team as a level 2 Reiki practitioner having completed her 1-2-1 training with Felicity Weston (ookushana Founder, Chapel Allerton).  It is a dream come true for Katie to now be able to share her magic here at Eastthorpe, having benefitted first hand from it’s healing powers & warm welcome over the years

Katie is an intuitive Reiki practitioner, guided by what it is that you need in your life as you are at this moment in time.   Her nurturing approach comes from her heart & will truly nourish every aspect of your being; mind , body & soul.

A Reiki experience with Katie is always tailored to you as an individual but will typically incorporate Aromatherapy and essential oil blends which not only smell incredible(!) but also work in harmony with her energy work to channel a deeper sense of self, to restore  balance & to fundamentally allow your body to heal on a deeper level.  Whilst Katie is more than happy to work in a hands off (auric) way if this is your preference, she normally feels called to incorporate touch into her treatments and many of her clients have commented that they can literally feel her love being channelled through her hands.

She will provide a safe place for you to feel whatever it is that you need to feel.  Every body is different & so is every Reiki experience.  You may sometimes find her sessions quite emotional (this is okay, good even!) but always nourishing, loving & supportive.  Katie has a natural way of getting to the heart of what is really going on in your life & allowing you to release suppressed emotion, balance blocked channels of energy and give your body what it needs so that you are able to let go of what is holding you down and open your heart to more love and joy.

By appointment only; subject to availability.


55 mins



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